AMS supplies the following LED Products and Screens:


· Full color video capable LED screens for indoor or outdoor use

· Scrolling informational displays in single and tri color


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2M wide LED screen for sporting events

Front Serviceable LED advertising screen

7M Wide informational LED screen

4 Channel Constant Current LED Driver Module ( P/N=AMS 4#CC XXX )


1) Space saving 4 Channels of LED supply on 1 PCB– Each channel handles 350ma or 700ma @ 48VDC **

2) All channels individually fused

3) One PCB can house 350ma and 700ma modules at the same time

4) Led’s indicates channel fuse condition and each channel status .

5) Different modes of operation

a. Basic mode where each channel supplies 350ma or 700ma **

b. Manual control allows each channel to be switched On/Off individually.

c. Pulse Width Modulation dimming control from PLC’s or DMX Controllers

6) Air cooled

7) Clips on DIN Rail

8) Works in conjunction with the AMS DMX control PCB giving a total of 8 channels ( P/N = AMS DMX8 PWM )

9) Compatible with all led fixtures without own drive electronics .

10) DMX controller Has build in flashing modes as well as faders @ different speeds

       Perfect for shop displays etc



** 2 Versions available in either 350ma (P/N = AMS 4# CC 350 ) or 700ma. (P/N = AMS 4# CC 700 )


8 Channel 500Ma Constant Current


Rear view

Clips on Din rail

DMX Controlled system with 8 channels @ 500ma Constant current drive

LED Drive Electronics



1.  350ma (P/N = AMS 4# CC 350 ) 4 Channel constant current drive    R 1152.00 Vat Exl.

2.  700ma (P/N = AMS 4# CC 700 ) 4 Channel constant current drive    R 1232.00 Vat Exl.

3.  DMX controller for 8 channels  (  P/N = AMS DMX8 PWM )                 R   960.00 Vat Exl.

4.  Ribbon Cable  for 4 or 8 channels (P/N = AMS DMX-8# Rib )            R     40.00 Vat Exl.


Note : Depending on the LED series count and amount of channels used a suitable power supply must be obtained.  Give us a call for pricing on various options.


******    We have a full team of installers ( Electricians )  if you should require help installing all the LED lights    ********

LED Screens

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10mm Pitch Screen during installation