AMS supplies the following LED Products and Screens:


· Full color video capable LED screens for indoor or outdoor use

· Scrolling informational displays in single and tri color


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2M wide LED screen for sporting events

Front Serviceable LED advertising screen

7M Wide informational LED screen

4 Channel Constant Current LED Driver Module ( P/N=AMS 4#CC XXX )


1) Space saving 4 Channels of LED supply on 1 PCB– Each channel handles 350ma or 700ma @ 48VDC **

2) All channels individually fused

3) One PCB can house 350ma and 700ma modules at the same time

4) Led’s indicates channel fuse condition and each channel status .

5) Different modes of operation

a. Basic mode where each channel supplies 350ma or 700ma **

b. Manual control allows each channel to be switched On/Off individually.

c. Pulse Width Modulation dimming control from PLC’s or DMX Controllers

6) Air cooled and clips on DIN Rail

7) PWM frequency = 1Khz , gives you flicker free dimming for video applications

8) Works in conjunction with the AMS DMX control PCB giving a total of 8 channels ( P/N = AMS DMX8 PWM )

9) Compatible with all led fixtures without own drive electronics .

10) DMX controller Has build in flashing modes as well as faders @ different speeds

       Perfect for shop displays etc



** 2 Versions available in either 350ma (P/N = AMS 4# CC 350 ) or 700ma. (P/N = AMS 4# CC 700 )


8 Channel 500Ma Constant Current


Rear view

Clips on Din rail

DMX Controlled system with 8 channels @ 500ma Constant current drive

LED Drive Electronics

LED Screens

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10mm Pitch Screen during installation

2 Channel isolated USB to DMX 512 transmitter for PC-Based lighting software


1.  Works with freeware software such as dmxcontrol

2.  No external supply required , powered from USB port

3.  2 isolated outputs on 3 pin “Nutrik” XLR connectors


P/N = AMS USBDMX 2#       




USB DMX Controller/Transmitter