Electronics Design Service:


· Circuit design and Circuit simulation

· Schematic  - THP and SMD P.C.B. generation using PCAD and  ACCEL

· Generation of Gerber / N.C. Drill files for P.C.B. manufacture.

· Assembly / Testing of P.C.B. to customer specifications.

· Remote control applications with various chipsets




Software Design Service:


· Embedded Code generation in C for Intel , Microchip and Atmel processors

· LabWindows for PC based control and monitoring software from DOS systems to WIN10

· PLC software  and installations for process control applications , supporting Siemens and others





Prototype and Manufacturing service:


· PCB’s and full working prototypes can be supplied , thereafter if required we can supply the complete product.

· We have wave soldering on site for medium size runs.

· Design of enclosures to customer requirements.

· CNC facility for fast prototyping of mechanical parts and enclosure cutouts etc.



011 828 4530 or machines@iafrica.com